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Questions? Call us: 020 8305 5357

Faux Coir Matting - 12mm - Brush Pile - (Golden Brown)

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12mm thick, non-shed & ideal for use in shallow mat wells. Our ultra thin faux coir matting is made to measure to the size you need.

This type of thin coir matting is ideal for use where you have a low clearance issue. This may be between your floor and a door opening over it, or if you have a shallow mat well.

You may still want a coir style stiff brush mat, but do not have the minimum 15 or 17mm clearance for a natural coir mat. Our faux coir is 12mm thick, and has the same brush action as Coir, but as it is a man made material is less prone to staining and can be spot cleaned to remove marks. It is very robust so if it ever gets very muddy (or your pet has an accident on it!), simply take it outside and hose it down.

It has short stiff bristles that stand straight up a bit like astro turf, the colour runs the whole way though the fibre so its won't wear off or fade. It is also colorfast and UV Stable, so will stay looking as good as new for a long time.

We cut to size and only charge for the piece you've ordered so there is no wastage. Other suppliers charge to the nearest metre so you'll pay more and have more wastage.


Like natural pvc backed coir, it's ideal for use in mat wells, particularly those with complex or unusual shapes as it can be trimmed to an exact fit with a sharp knife.

Brush pile faux coir matting may be used indoors or outdoors. The backing contains tiny holes that will prevent water accumulating in the mat, if it gets very wet, simply pick it up and allow it to drain, before replacing. If it gets very muddy simply hose it down.

Also available in black.

Additional Information

Made fromPolypropylene
ColourNatural Coir
EdgingStraight Cut
SizeCustom Size
Underfloor Heating CompatibleYes (with Barrier)

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