Our Patio Door Mat (35mm) is perfect if you have bi-fold, french, patio or double doors.

It has a beautiful braided edge for a traditional style and the high quality coir fibre ensures it will be a hard-wearing and long-lasting mat.

Our Patio Door Mat (25mm) is made from exactly the same quality of material as we use to stitch our made to measure option. So if we don't offer the perfect size as standard let us a craft you a Bespoke Coir Door Mat.

The coir provides a tough scraping action to help remove dirt and mud from shoes.

Like all coir doormats it is suitable for Indoor and Sheltered Outdoor Use. If you do choose to use the mat outdoors in an exposed location and it becomes wet, please lift it and allow it to drain and dry out from time to time to prolong its life.

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