Standard Doormats

Standard Doormat Size UK is approx 75cm x 45cm.

We offer a wide collection of ready-made, plain coir doormats in a range of standard sizes with a choice of edging, backing and thickness, but also offer custom sizes up to 2 metres square! Call us for advice on 020 8305 5357 we're here to help.

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THICKNESS: Be sure to check when choosing your thickness that there is sufficient clearance under your door to allow the mat to fit.

QUALITY/GRADE: There is a difference between the grade (Budget or Luxury) and the quality. Higher grade products are constructed in a different way, and are tighter bound together for less shedding and maximum longevity, compared to Budget grade.

SHEDDING: These doormats are made from natural coconut fibres called coir and may shed in the first few months of use. During this period simply brush or shake the mat to maintain its best appearance.

SIZES: All dimensions of standard-sized mats are approximate. Our standard sized mats may vary in size and are sometimes 2-3 centimetres larger than specified. If you are looking for a mat to fit into a mat well you may be better choosing a made to measure mat in order that we can guarantee the exact size you have requested.