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Patio Door Mat - 30mm


Important facts about our Patio Door Mat - 30mm:

  • Our Patio Doormat 30mm is just right for bi-fold, french, patio or double doors. Choose 120cm wide by either 45 , 60 or 75cm.
  • It has a beautiful plaited edge for a traditional style and the high quality coir fibre ensures it will be a hard-wearing and long-lasting mat

  • These large coconut doormats are made from identical material to what we use for our hand stitched made to measure option. So if our range here doesn't have your perfect size, let us make you a Made to Measure Traditional Doormat to order, simple.

  • Our standard sized mats may vary in size by 2-3 centimeters than specified. If you are looking for a mat to fit into a mat well you may be better choosing a made to measure mat in order that we can guarantee the exact size you have requested.

  • Our coconut / coir fibre provides a tough scraping action to remove dirt and mud effectively.

  • As with all coconut doormats, it is suitable for Indoor and Sheltered Outdoor Use.

  • Anti Slip Underlay - If you plan on using your door mat on hard flooring, we recommend purchasing Anti Slip Underlay for your mat. This will aid in preventing the mat slipping or moving when it shouldn’t.

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Further Information
Our Patio Door Mat with braided edge is made especially for us in Sri Lanka from the same material we use to make our bespoke doormats. It is very high quality matting, with a firm weave, made the ways mats used to be.

If the mat becomes dirty, wait for the mud to dry and then remove with a stiff brush.

Coir is a naturally biodegradable material, which is great for the environment but if you leave it outside to get wet it will shorten its lifespan.

A note about shedding: The quality of these mats means that they shed much less than other coir matting. We have been in the mat business for many years and have seen a lot of variations in quality. However, all coir mats do shed to a certain extent particularly when they are new. Try to avoid pulling at the piles and excessive vacuuming. Any shedding will settle down after the mat has been used for a little while.

Our Patio Door Mat is best in class, we are confident you'll be proud to have one adorning your home for years to come.

Size: 120cm x 45cm , 120cm x 60cm , 120cm x 75cm , 150cm x 45cm, 180cm x 45cm

Thickness: 30mm

Colour: Natural Coir

SKU: RSL-PDM-120456075-30MM

Area of use: Indoor, Outdoor (Sheltered / Covered Porch)

Underfloor Heating Compatible: Yes

Suitable for Mat Well?: No

Trim to Fit?: No

Irregular Shape Possible?: No

Made from: Coir

Backing: Woven Coir

Edging: Traditional Braided

Lead time: 1-2 Working Days

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