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Soft Man Made Coir Matting

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Soft Man Made Coir Matting is a non shedding mat. It is deal for use where you have a low clearance issue.
This may be between your floor and a door opening over it, or if you have a shallow mat well.

It has the same brush action as natural coir, but as it is a man made material is less prone to staining and can be spot cleaned to remove marks. It is also a little softer under foot due to it's more looped pile rather than a bristle pile.

With a heat resistant backing, this product is ideal for use with underfloor heating.

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From £17.75

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Further Information

It is a little softer under foot due to it's more looped pile rather than a bristle pile.

We do not usually recommend synthetic coir for outdoor use. In situations where it is likely to get very wet, the backing prevents the water running away.

Normal indoor use where the mat becomes wet from shoes and umbrellas etc is absolutely fine, and is what this matting is designed for, but we do not recommend it being left outside to the elements.

If you do wish to use it in an outdoor location the backing can be punctured with holes to allow any water build up to run away.

The backing is made from PVC, and as the synthetic fibre is very stain resistant, you are likely to be able to keep the same mat for a long time, making this an eco-friendly choice.

Size: Cut to Size

Thickness: 9mm

Colour: Black, Brown, Golden Brown, Grey


Area of use: Indoor

Underfloor Heating Compatible: Yes (with Barrier)

Suitable for Mat Well?: Yes

Trim to Fit?: Yes

Irregular Shape Possible?: Yes, at a surcharge, please contact us.

Made from: Polypropylene

Backing: PVC

Edging: Straight Cut

Lead time: 1-2 Days

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