Printed Door Mats

At Coir Mats, we're proud to provide a range of quality printed door mats to our customers. Our selection includes a diverse choice of designs to suit every taste and doorstep. From humorous quips that will have your visitors chuckling, to patriotic themes celebrating national pride, we have you covered. For something a little more personalised, we can provide custom door mats featuring your initials, slogan, and more, ensuring you have exactly what you require for your entrance. Each mat is made with high-quality coir and provides both a warm welcome and an added touch of decorative flair to your home.

Check out our selection below to find the perfect printed door mat for your entrance...

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  1. Have your house name printed onto your mat.

    Luxury Modern Edge Personalised Door Mat

  2. Have your house name printed onto your mat.

    Luxury Braided Edge Personalised Door Mat

  3. Monogram Initials PVC Personalised Door Mat

    Monogram Initials PVC Personalised Door Mat

    From £23.75
  4. Have your house name printed onto your mat

    Hand Printed Premium Cut to Size Coir Matting - PVC Backed

    From £23.75
  5. Printed Lettering Coir Double Doormat

    Printed Lettering Coir Double Doormat

  6. Established Personalised Door Mat

    Established Personalised Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
  7. Family Name Printed Door Mat

    Family Name Printed Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
  8. Monogram Initials Personalised Door Mat

    Monogram Initials Personalised Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
  9. Hedgehog Coir Door Mat

    Hedgehog Coir Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
  10. Squirrel Coir Door Mat

    Squirrel Coir Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
  11. Tree of Life Coir Door Mat

    Tree of Life Coir Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
  12. Badger Coir Door Mat

    Badger Coir Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
  13. Rabbit Coir Door Mat

    Rabbit Coir Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
  14. Bee Coir Door Mat

    Bee Coir Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
  15. Stag Door Mat

    Stag Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
  16. Border Coir Door Mat

    Border Coir Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
  17. Bird Doormat

    Bird Doormat

    As low as £33.99
  18. Pheasant Door Mat

    Pheasant Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
  19. Cock and Hen Design Pet Door Mat

    Chicken Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
  20. Horse Door Mats

    Horse Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
  21. Geese Design Pet Door Mat

    Geese Doormat

    As low as £33.99
  22. Fox Door Mat

    Fox Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
  23. Duck Design Pet Door Mat

    Duck Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
  24. Dog Door Mat

    Dog Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
  25. Cat Doormats

    Cat Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
  26. Braided Coir Double Doormat - Printed Lettering

    Braided Coir Double Doormat - Printed Lettering

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Making Your Entrance Truly Special with Our Printed Door Mats

Transform the first step into your home into a statement of your unique style and warmth with one of our printed coir mats. From the charm of our Funny Doormats to the elegance of decorative pieces, our collection is designed to cater to every personality and decorating style.

Personalisation at Its Best

Imagine a doormat that greets you and your guests with a personal touch, a bespoke piece that speaks volumes about your home or workplace. Our personalised mats, from luxury-edged to monogrammed options, let you do just that. Add your family name, a special date, or a welcoming phrase that resonates, for a personalised door mat with truly unique designs.

Celebrate Nature

Our collection covers a broad range of themes, reflecting the beauty of nature, the animal kingdom, and seasonal joy. Animal lovers can choose from designs featuring hedgehogs, squirrels, and more, each designed to bring a smile and a touch of the wild to your doorstep. Seasonal mats, like our Christmas Door Mat, are a stylish way to invite the holiday spirit into your home.

Humour and Warmth

Greet your visitors with a touch of humour or a warm, inviting phrase. Mats including our 'Hello Please Remove Your Shoes' and 'Oh No Not You Again' designs offer a playful entry point to your home, setting the tone for a light-hearted and welcoming visit. These biodegradable options not only serve as conversation starters but also demonstrate your care for the environment.

Why Choose Coir Mats?

At Coir Mats, we have a proud 30+ year history in the coir matting industry. Trusted by large and small companies all across the UK, we've built our reputation as one of the industry's most trusted retailers in coir mats. Our range includes cut-to-size mats for that perfect fit, hand-stitched pieces for an extra touch of elegance, and personalised mats for that unique personal touch. We provide coir mats for both domestic and commercial settings, with a choice of heavy-duty commercial-grade, medium premium grade to our low-cost budget grade coir. If you're looking to discuss more on your coir matting requirements, our team is on hand to offer their expertise and guidance. To discover how we can enhance the entrance to your home or business, contact us today!


Below we have answered some of your common questions about printed door mats.

Can I customise a door mat with my own design or message?

Absolutely! We love bringing your ideas to life. Whether it's a family name, a special date, or a message that speaks to your heart, our customised floor mats are designed to suit your unique preferences. Our services include the creation of a personalised logo mat, text designs, and more. Just let us know what you have in mind, and we'll guide you through the customisation process to create a door mat that's uniquely yours, including options for logo mats or simple text designs.

Are these mats suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, many of our printed door mats are crafted to withstand the outdoor elements, thanks to the durable materials used in their construction, such as rubber mats and synthetic mats. However, specific care instructions may vary depending on the design and material, so we recommend checking the product details or contacting our customer service for guidance on maintaining your mat's beauty and longevity outdoors, ensuring they provide a warm welcome at your front door. If you choose a coir mat with printing we do not advise using it outside as the strength of coir is its absorbency and when used outside it will become water-logged reducing its lifespan.

How do I clean and maintain my printed doormat?

Keeping your door mat looking fresh is easy. A simple shake will remove most of the surface dirt. For deeper cleaning, a hard-bristled brush can be used on many of our mats, once any dirt has dried fully, including our floor mats and custom floor mats. Remember to check the care instructions provided with your mat for the best results, to keep your entrance mats inviting and clean.

What sizes do the personalised door mats come in?

Our personalised mats come in a variety of sizes to suit different spaces and entrances, with off the shelf standard sizes ranging anywhere from 60x35cm to 180x45cm. If you require a specific size that's not listed, our cut-to-size service may be the perfect solution for you. Just reach out with your measurements, and we'll do our best to meet your needs, ensuring your mat fits perfectly in your entryway. For personalised door mats suitable for any setting, look no further than Coir Mats.