Funky Doormats

Explore our vast collection of funky doormats in various designs. Each doormat adds a splash of personality to your entrance and ensures cleanliness and protection for your home's interiors. Select from our range or customise your own for a unique touch to your doorstep. A perfect blend of style and functionality, these doormats are an excellent addition to any home.

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  1. Monogram Initials PVC Personalised Door Mat

    Monogram Initials PVC Personalised Door Mat

    From £23.75
  2. Established Personalised Door Mat

    Established Personalised Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
  3. Family Name Printed Door Mat

    Family Name Printed Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
  4. Monogram Initials Personalised Door Mat

    Monogram Initials Personalised Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
  5. Hedgehog Coir Door Mat

    Hedgehog Coir Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
  6. Squirrel Coir Door Mat

    Squirrel Coir Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
  7. Tree of Life Coir Door Mat

    Tree of Life Coir Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
  8. Badger Coir Door Mat

    Badger Coir Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
  9. Rabbit Coir Door Mat

    Rabbit Coir Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
  10. Bee Coir Door Mat

    Bee Coir Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
  11. Stag Door Mat

    Stag Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
  12. Border Coir Door Mat

    Border Coir Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
  13. Bird Doormat

    Bird Doormat

    As low as £33.99
  14. Pheasant Door Mat

    Pheasant Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
  15. Cock and Hen Design Pet Door Mat

    Chicken Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
  16. Horse Door Mats

    Horse Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
  17. Geese Design Pet Door Mat

    Geese Doormat

    As low as £33.99
  18. Fox Door Mat

    Fox Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
  19. Duck Design Pet Door Mat

    Duck Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
  20. Dog Door Mat

    Dog Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
  21. Cat Doormats

    Cat Door Mat

    As low as £33.99
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The UK's Premium Provider of Funky Doormats

Here at Coir Mats, we're proud to be a leading UK supplier of funky doormats. With years of experience in the industry, we have mastered the art of combining aesthetics with durability. Our doormats are not just about making a statement; they are designed to withstand the test of time and the hustle and bustle of daily life.
Our team of designers works tirelessly to bring you the latest trends and styles, ensuring that your home always feels welcoming and fresh. From cute animals to make you smile to vibrant patterns, there's a doormat for every personality and taste. And if you have a specific design in mind, our made-to-order customisation service allows you to bring your vision to life.

Indoor or Outdoor Mats

Whether you're looking to spruce up your home entrance or add personality to your patio, our collection of door mats has got you covered. These door mats are versatile and stylish and designed to cater to indoor and outdoor spaces. One of the standout features of our collection is the variety of materials we stock. From the natural, eco-friendly coir, known for its durability and rugged texture, to advanced synthetic materials that are easy to clean and maintain, we have items for every need and preference.
Understanding the different requirements of indoor and outdoor spaces, our outdoor doormats are crafted to withstand varying conditions and make an impression. While our coir mats are perfect for scraping off dirt and mud, the synthetic ones are adept at handling moisture and are slip-resistant, making them ideal for an outdoor space.

How To Clean Door Mats

Maintaining your door mat's fun look and functionality is essential for its longevity. When cleaning, especially for coir mats, it's crucial to remember a few key points. Coir, being a natural material, is sensitive to excessive moisture. Therefore, you should avoid saturating it with water.
Instead, the best way to clean a coir mat is to give it a good brush to remove any loose dirt or debris. Following this, gentle vacuuming with the upholstery attachment can help pick up any remaining fibres without causing damage to the structure. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your door mats remain in top condition, welcoming guests to your home with unique designs for years.

The Benefits of Funky Door Mats,

Funky door mats are not just about aesthetics; they offer many advantages that make them a must-have for every household. Here are some of the standout benefits:

1. Personality and Style

Funky door mats allow homeowners to express their unique style and personality at the entrance. With many designs available, there's a mat in our range to resonate with every individual's taste.

2. Durability

Crafted with high-quality materials, these mats are designed to withstand the test of time, ensuring that they protect your area and remain functional and visually appealing for years.

3. Easy Maintenance

Most funky door mats, especially those made of synthetic materials, are easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical choice for busy households, wherever you live.

4. Versatility

Available in various materials and sizes, these mats can be used indoors and outdoors, catering to different needs and spaces.

5. Safety

A good door mat provides traction, reducing the risk of slips and falls, especially during wet conditions.

Funky Doormat FAQs:

We've done our best to try and share the most frequently asked questions about funky door mats below:

Should you have mat inside by door?

Yes, having a mat inside by the door is a good idea. It serves as a secondary barrier to trap any dirt, moisture, or debris that might have been carried in, even if there's already an outdoor mat. An indoor mat provides a comfortable space for guests to step on from outside, especially during wet or cold conditions.

What is the best type of entrance mat?

The best type of entrance mat largely depends on your specific needs. Coir and rubber mats are popular for outdoor use due to their durability and ability to scrape off dirt. For indoor use, synthetic mats or those with a combination of absorbent materials are ideal as they trap moisture and prevent slips. When choosing an entrance mat, consider factors like foot traffic, weather conditions, and maintenance.

Should door mat be bigger than door?

It is great if you have space for this but not a necessity. While the doormat should be wide enough to cover the entrance area, it doesn't need to be bigger than the door. However, the mat must be large enough so that both feet can fit on it when someone enters or exits, ensuring maximum effectiveness in trapping dirt and moisture.

Should I put a rug on the inside of my front door?

Placing a rug inside your front door can be a stylish and functional addition. While the door mat focuses on trapping dirt and moisture, the rug can add warmth, comfort, and aesthetic appeal to the entrance area. Ensure the mat has a non-slip backing or use our underlay to prevent accidents, especially if placed on smooth flooring like tiles or hardwood.