Coir Matting Cut To Size

In need of a piece of cut to size coir matting for your home or workplace? Whether you're in search of cut to size solutions for a snug fit in your mat wells or prefer the easy, trim to fit durability of PVC-backed coir, our range focuses on details to meet your needs.

At Coir Mats, we offer a range of quality grades to suit every budget, ensuring you find the perfect match without compromising on quality. From premium grade options that exude elegance and durability to budget quality that doesn’t skimp on functionality, our coir mats are designed with your satisfaction in mind. Explore our coir matting selection and experience the perfect blend of quality, variety, and affordability.

22 Items

  1. Budget Cut to Size Coir Matting - PVC Backed

    Budget Cut to Size Coir Matting - PVC Backed

    From £17.00
  2. Premium Cut to Size Coir Matting - pvc backed

    Premium Cut to Size Coir Matting - PVC Backed

    From £21.50
  3. Heavy Duty Commercial Grade PVC Backed Coir Matting

    Heavy Duty Commercial Grade PVC Backed Coir Matting

    From £26.50
  4. Black Coir Matting - Cut to Size - Premium Grade

    Black Coir Matting - Cut to Size

    From £23.50
  5. Grey Coir Matting - Cut to Size

    Grey Coir Matting - Cut to Size

    From £23.50
  6. Monogram Initials PVC Personalised Door Mat

    Monogram Initials PVC Personalised Door Mat

    From £23.75
  7. Have your house name printed onto your mat

    Hand Printed Premium Cut to Size Coir Matting - PVC Backed

    From £23.75
  8. Dark Brown Coir Matting

    Dark Brown Coir Matting - Cut to Size

    From £23.50
  9. Dark Red Coir

    Dark Red Coir Matting - Cut to Size

    From £23.50
  10. Blue Coir Matting - Cut to Size

    Blue Coir Matting - Cut to Size

    From £23.50
  11. Orange Coir

    Orange Coir Matting - Cut to Size

    From £23.50
  12. Red Coir Matting

    Bright Red Coir Matting - Cut to Size

    From £23.50
  13. Green Coir Matting

    Green Coir Matting - Cut to Size

    From £23.50
  14. Coarse Man Made Coir Matting

    Coarse Man Made Coir Matting

    From £23.50
  15. Soft Man Made Coir Matting

    Soft Man Made Coir Matting

    From £23.50
  16. Wide Ridge Man Made Coir Light Brown

    Wide Ridge Man Made Coir Matting

    From £23.50
  17. Ribbed Man Made Coir Matting

    Ribbed Man Made Coir Matting

    From £23.50
  18. Absorbent Scraper Faux Coir Matting

    Absorbent Scraper Faux Coir Matting

    From £38.00
  19. Outdoor Synthetic Scraper Door Mat Light Brown

    Outdoor Synthetic Scraper Door Mat

    From £23.50
  20. Outdoor Man Made Scraper

    Outdoor Man Made Scraper Matting

    From £23.50
  21. Grey Coloured Coir Matting - 23mm thick - Cut to Size

    Grey Coir Matting - Cut to Size - 23mm Thick

    From £29.00
  22. Black Coir Matting

    Black Coir Matting - Cut to Size - 23mm Thick

    From £29.00
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What is Coir Matting?

Derived from the husk of coconuts, coir matting is a natural and sustainable flooring solution with a rich history in British homes and businesses. This eco-friendly material offers a distinctive blend of durability, aesthetics, and functionality. Coir matting is crafted from coconut fibres tightly packed into a strong backing, creating a tough surface that effectively traps dirt, debris, and moisture. Its inherent rough texture makes it particularly adept at scraping shoes clean, making it a popular choice for homes and businesses. Our range also includes a man made alternative constructed from synthetic fibres too.

Coir Matting Installation and Customisation

Coir coconut matting is often mounted on a latex or PVC backing. This backing plays a crucial role in maintaining the rigidity of the mat, ensuring that it stays firmly in place once installed. The backing not only adds to the mat’s durability but also enhances its ability to trap dust, making it a versatile choice for many floors.

Install Coir Matting

  • Start by measuring the area where you want to install the coir matting. Consider the coir matting thicknesses available and choose one that suits your flooring requirements. Check the clearance under your door.

Gather Necessary Tools:

  • Utility/Stanley Knife with sharp blade – For cutting the mat to the desired size.
  • Straight Edge - A long metal ruler, side of a spirit level or straight piece of wood.
  • Tape Measure – To ensure accurate measurements.
  • Gloves – To protect your hands during installation.
  • A Pen or Chalk Pen - To mark out your cutting lines.

Prepare the Surface:

Ensure that the flooring where the mat will be installed is clean, dry, and free of any debris. This ensures that the mat sits properly.

How to Cut Coir Matting

Mark Out the Cutting Lines:

Using the measurements taken, mark out the measurements on the back of the mat. Remeasure and double check your meansurements (width and length) before starting to cut to size

Cut to Size:

Cut the coir matting to the desired size with a Stanley knife and straight edge as a guide. DO NOT try to use scissors. They will not be strong enough and you won't get a straight cut. Be cautious, as the backing can be quite tough.

Placing the Matting:

Gently lay down the coir matting into the mat well ensuring that it is straight and aligned with the edges of the designated area.

Trimming Excess Material:

If there is any excess material protruding or the mat does not sit comfortably in the recess, remove and carefully trim again for a tidy finish.

Do Not Use Glue or Adhesive:

Sometimes people suggest glueing down coir matting cut to size. We DO NOT recommend this. Coconut matting is heavy enough to stay in place without glueing when it is properly retained in a mat well or recess. Avoiding glue also means that the mat can easily be removed for cleaning or replacement at hte end of its life.

Clean Up:

Now that you have fitted your mat to your mat well it is secure. Your coir matting, made from natural coir fibres, is now ready to use and enhance your flooring. If there are any excess coir fibres on the surface these may simple be removed with a stiff brush.

Comparison with Other Mat Materials

When comparing the performance of coir as entrance matting against other materials, several distinctive things come to the fore. Cut to Size Coir matting is renowned for its durable nature – making it a popular choice. Its natural fibres provide an excellent scraping surface, effectively removing dirt and moisture from shoes, thereby maintaining a cleaner entrance area. In comparison, synthetic materials might offer a variety of designs and colours but may fall short in terms of absorption and thickness.
While rubber mats are durable and can withstand weather conditions they may not always have the aesthetic appeal as coir. However when it comes to longevity coir matting proves itself by outlasting its counterparts with maintenance. The natural resilience of coir fibres contributes to its extended lifespan making it a cost effective and sustainable choice for entrance matting.

Longevity and Maintenance of Cut to Size Coir Matting

The durability of coir matting is well known in trapping and holding mud and dried dirt to keep your floors clean. Regular maintenance, including cleaning techniques significantly adds to the lifespan of coir mats, ensuring they can endure over time.

How Long Does Coir Matting Last?

The lifespan of coir matting depends on factors such, as foot traffic, frequency of use and the surrounding environment. Thicker mats are not necessarily better - choose thickness based on your mat well depth and door clearance.
In addition coir matting that is well cared for tends to be more resistant to dirt and general wear, than carpet or other indoor doormat types resulting in a longer lifespan.

Tips for Maintenance and Best Practices

Taking care of your coir matting is crucial to ensure its durability and attractive appearance. One of the simplest cleaning techniques for a loosely laid mat is simply to turn it upside down and give it a good shake outside. This method helps to remove dried dirt buidling up within the piles, keeping the mat fresh and clean.
If there is wet dirt or mud on the mat, allow it to dry thoroughly before attempting to clean. You can then removed dried dirt with a stiff brush. If you are wondering about the best brush to use, we offer one as part of our range but any brush with very stiff bristles will work to remove dried dirt effectively. For those stubborn marks that don’t simply vacuum away with a standard vacuum cleaner, as this can cause too much pile loss. At Coir Mats, we recommend using the upholstery attachment of your vacuum cleaner for a more thorough clean when required.

Why Choose Coir Mats?

When it comes to choosing the perfect coir coconut matting for your requirements, our 30+ years of experience distinguishes us as a trusted choice in the UK market.
Whether you need a mat for your home or a large institution, we have you covered. We offer personalised, hand-stitched and printed doormats, and more in our on site selection.
Our reputation extends to both businesses and large institutions throughout the UK. We also understand that each customer has their own specific needs, which is why we provide three different quality levels for our PVC backed coir matting – heavy duty commercial grade, medium premium grade and even a budget friendly option. All stocked by the roll in a range of thickness. Rest assured that we will provide you with the coir matting product tailored to your requirements. Additionally, with our delivery service you can have your coir mats delivered right to your doorstep. Deliveries are by next working day courier.
Wish to speak with our customer service team by phone for some advice? Contact us today!
Top tip - take your width and length measurements in centimetres before you call us by phone for your help request to be processed as quickly as possible.


We've put together some of the most frequently-asked questions on coir matting, incase you have any further queries:

Is coir matting eco-friendly?

Yes, coir matting is considered environmentally friendly because it is made from natural coconut fibers. It's biodegradable and renewable, making it a sustainable choice.

What thickness of coir matting should I choose for my home?

The choice of thickness depends on the level of foot traffic, the depth of your mat well and the clearance under your door. We offer 14mm, 17mm, 20mm, 24mm and 28mm. Contact us for advice is these don't match your mat well depth as we have some hints and tips that usually help. For residential use, a premium grade is generally suitable, while higher-traffic or business areas may benefit from commercial grade.

Can I customise the size and design of coir matting?

Yes, at Coir Mats, we offer custom sizing, colours and design options for our coir mats. It can even be supplied by the roll. You can choose the dimensions and even personalise the mat with patterns or text. Talk to your team to find to see if your design is possible.