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Grey Coconut Matting By The Metre

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Grey Coconut Matting By The Metre comes in 2 different colours of grey along with 2 different thicknesses.
As with all coloured coir it is produced from natural un-dyed coir (coconut fibres), these fibres are brown in colour. The coir is then dyed with the desired colour. As there are variations in the coir this does mean that the dye can take in varying amounts to the fibres. This is just the nature of the natural fibres, and something we are unable to control.
This matting is for indoor use only and best used in a mat well/recess.

By ordering Matting By The Metre you will receive the piece of coir that is no smaller than you have ordered, for you to cut down yourself at home.
If you would like us to do the cutting to size for you then please follow this link to the cut to size product.

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As low as £60.00

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Further Information

Fitting: This Grey Coconut Matting By The Metre is very easy to trim to fit in situ. With your order, you will receive a care and fitting guide. However, in-order to cut your new mat down you will need a sharp Stanley type knife, a straight edge and some chalk.
This product comes in 2 colours and 2 thicknesses so there should be a depth for most mat wells however, if your mat well/ recess is deeper then you can place a piece of plyboard or cardboard to raise the mat to the top of the mat well/recess. Ideally, the top of the bristles should lie flush with the floor.

Usage: PVC Backed Coir is for use indoors and ideally in a mat well/recess. If you would like to use the matting as free-standing you may find that the mat and especially the edges fray more significantly.

Size: By The Metre

Thickness: 17mm, 23mm

Colour: Grey


Area of use: Indoor

Underfloor Heating Compatible: Yes (with Barrier)

Suitable for Mat Well?: Yes

Trim to Fit?: Yes

Irregular Shape Possible?: No, but if it is a Trim to Fit product, you may be able to do it yourself, please contact us for instructions.

Made from: Coir

Backing: PVC

Edging: Straight Cut

Lead time: 1-2 Working Days

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