Questions? Call us: 020 8305 5357
Questions? Call us: 020 8305 5357

Coloured Coir

Coloured Coir Matting is the perfect choice for your mat well as it can easily be trimmed to an exact fit. As experts in cut to size coloured coir matting we will cut to size for you, simply enter the size you need and we will do the rest. We just charge for what you have rather than to the nearest metre so you won't pay for waste matting that you don't need.

If your mat well is deeper than 17mm simply put a piece of plywood of a suitable thickness into the bottom of the well to make up the difference, the neatest finish is obtained by have the top of the bristles lying flush with the floor. If it is thinner, choose the 12mm Ultra Thin Synthetic Coir Matting. If you need advice call us on 020 8305 5357, we're here to help.

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