Frequently Asked Questions

We want to make sure that you have the very best shopping when you purchase a mat from us. We have included the most frequently asked questions here to help you, but if you need further help please don't hesitate to contact us or call us on 020 8305 5357, we'd love to help.

Q. Will my Coir mat be handmade portrait or landscape?

 A. Unless we are informed otherwise, all mats are created ‘landscape’. If you would like the mat portrait, then please write these instructions in the notes at checkout, or phone through your order on 0208 305 5357. Landscape is where the mat is wider than it is tall, for example 100cm left to right x 50cm top to bottom. Portrait is the other way round. However, this only really applies to message mats. Plain mats can just be turned 90 degree's. Hence, technically the left to right as you look at the mat is the width, the top to bottom the length, but it actually does not matter on plain matting which way round you put it!.

Q. I have a mat well, how much tolerance should I give?

 A. If you tell us the size of the mat well, including the depth, we will then make a mat to fit. On a PVC backed coir mat, these can by trimmed using a Stanley Knife, so you can if you want add a few cm's on. For a more traditional mat, they are flexible enough to pull in or push out a little.

Q. What is the difference between PVC backed mat and a traditional coir mat?

A. PVC backed is suitable only if the mat is not likely to get wet. Traditional Coir is suitable for all conditions, as it will dry naturally if wet due to the water being able to pass through. PVC backed is more suitable for printing.

Q. Is Coir better than man made fibre mats?

 A. Yes. It has proved over decades to clean shoes better, and is also environmentally friendly. Our Coir is a natural material, and hence is better for the environment. It is biodegradable, and man made fibre mats are not. However, you don’t have to worry too much about the biodegradability, your mat will last years and years!

Q. Why should we buy your product rather than buying from the high street?

 A. The Coir Mats mats are hand made by craftsman, and are also denser, meaning it will last longer. It is a matter of quality, and experience...we have being specialising in coir mats for over 30 years.

Q. Can we use your mats outdoors?

A. Yes, if you have a traditional coir mat. PVC backed mats are not as suitable as they take much longer to dry out once wet. Also you will over time get a rippling effect, where the water breaks down the PVC, causing it to wave. Traditional coir mats do not have this issue, as they are pure coir throughout and the water passes through.

Q. Can you make any size of mats?

A. Yes. The largest mat we have made so far is 19 metres (65ft) x 23 metres (75ft) for a racecourse in the UK. The PVC backed mats do have a restriction of 2 metres on one side, as they come originally from 2 metre rolls. Traditional mats can be over 2 metres on both sides, but do consider how you will lift it?

Q. What is the weight of a coir mat?

A. If you allow 5kg for 1 metre square of coir, you will not be far wrong.

Q. I have an unusually shaped mat well, can you make a mat to fit?

A. Yes, call 0208 305 5357 to discuss your requirements. You can also email us a drawing to help@CoirMats, and remember to put on all the lengths, and preferably if opposing sides are different lengths, then the internal angles. Otherwise, we prefer to produce matting from a template, so get a big piece of paper or newspaper (stick sheets together if need be), cut the template out and send it to us at Coir Mats, Minster Lodge, 2-3 Church Lane, Lincoln, LN2 1QJ.

Q. I have a lot of words and/or a picture to put on a mat, can you do this?

 A. Yes, call 0208 305 5357 and talk to one of our products specialists who can advise.

Q. Can I return a Coir Mats mat?

 A. If a mat is delivered and we have made a mistake, then in the first instance call us on 0208 305 5357. We can refund standard sized matting if you change your mind, if you return it to us. However we are not able to give refunds for bespoke products. If a bespoke mat is returned without contacting the customer service centre first on 0208 305 5357, we will not be able to refund you or return the mat to you without a postage surcharge being payable.

Q. When are your customer service lines open?

 A. The Coir Mats customer service centre is open from 9.00am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday. If all the customer service representatives are busy, please do leave a message, and we will endeavour to call you back. Please be patient at peak times. It may be best to leave both a landline and mobile number, so we have the best chance of calling you back. Coir Mats is passionate about customer service. Sometimes mistakes can happen, but we always endeavour to help and make things right, and we would ask that you treat all our staff with respect.

Q. What is a coir mat?

 A. A coir mat is a natural brown brush fibred material. It is also known as a coconut mat, coco mat or simple a brown front door mat!

Q. I am not sure about the colours of the coir you have? Whether it will match my house/room/hall?

 A. Call us on 0208 305 5357, and we can describe the colours to you, and also send you a small swatch sample if you like.