Questions? Call us: 020 8305 5357
Questions? Call us: 020 8305 5357

Buy Coir Mats online at the UK Coir Door Mats Store

Coir is the place to come to if you’re looking for coir door mats and coconut matting.

With over 30 years experience in supplying coir matting to businesses and coir door mats to homes our friendly team can will help you find the perfect coir door mat for your needs. Browse our site but if you need advice don’t hesitate to call or email us, our friendly customer service team are waiting to help you find the perfect coconut doormats for your needs. Call 020 8305 5357 for a free quote with no obligation.

Specialising in coir mats of all types, here at Coir we stock a huge range of coconut matting enabling us to meet the needs of homes and businesses alike. Whether you are looking for Standard Sized Coconut Doormats, or Coir Matting Cut to size for a mat well or Coir Mats with logo for your business premises, you will find the perfect solution at Coir Mats

We offer many thicknesses of coconut matting cut to size and a choice of 8 shades of coloured coir matting. Personalized coconut doormats makes great presents especially as a personalised housewarming or wedding gift. Our coconut doormats are available in a range of sizes and thicknesses. We even create made to measure coir mats and printing is available in 2 sizes of lettering and a wide range of motifs.

Buy Coir Door Mats online from Coir the Coir Matting specialists. With fast delivery and great prices for homes and businesses our coconut matting and coir door mats offer excellent value. 

Coir Door Mats

We supply coir door mats in standard sizes or as made to measure coir mats. Our PVC backed material is perfect for cut to size coir matting, or you could also choose personalized coconut doormats printed with your own message or motif.

Business Coir Doormat

If you are looking for a business entrance mat, our corporate team will work with you to create the perfect coir door mats for your company. From simple printed coir door mats with your company name to a complex logo inlaid into coir matting our quality and service is second to none.

Coir Matting & Coconut Matting

Coir matting is made from the fibrous layers of coconut husks. It is a durable and extremely hard wearing material which has traditionally been used to make coconut matting, sacking and for stuffing upholstery. Our coconut matting is of a very high quality which ensures our coir door mats last for years.

Coconut Mat

Large coir mats are no problem for us either; our coir matting comes in huge rolls! We have even made coir mats big enough to cross a road! We’ll make you coconut doormats whatever size and shape you like.

Personalized Coconut Doormats

For homes many people like to choose personalized coconut doormats. Choose from our 40 motifs printed onto coconut matting and add lettering to make it a message mat too. Friendly and welcoming, witty or rude, the choice of words is up to you, but coir door mats from www.coir will always be of the highest quality and excellent value for money.