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Heavy Duty Rubber Mat


Our Heavy Duty Rubber Mat is the perfect hard-wearing door mat for your workplace. This mat comes in two sizes 80cm x 60cm and 100cm x 150cm and are made from 100% recycled rubber.

The design of these mats allow any water to drain below the surface of the mat making them non-slip. Perfect for workplace safety.

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Further Information

An appropriate door mat for year round outdoor use, our Heavy Duty Rubber Mat is hard wearing and simple to clean. Just hose or wash down outside.

As a purpose made outdoor product, these coir and rubber door mats are perfect for scraping mud from dirty footwear. The combination of this product with one of our indoor door mats would provide the perfect pairing of indoor absorbance and outdoor mud scraping.

These door mats also have a specially designed backing to prevent pooling of water within, often an issue with many other rubber doormats available. Instead water drains away through connectivity between sections.

Our Rubber Outdoor Door mat range is of the highest quality. If you are looking for an outdoor doormat solution, this is the door mat for you.

Size: 80cm x 60cm, 150cm x 100cm

Thickness: 10mm

Colour: Black


Area of use: Outdoor

Underfloor Heating Compatible:

Suitable for Mat Well?: No

Trim to Fit?: No

Irregular Shape Possible?: No

Made from: Rubber

Backing: Recycled Rubber

Edging: Recycled Rubber

Lead time: 1-2 Working Days

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