Coloured Coir

Coloured Coir Matting is the perfect choice for your mat well as it can easily be trimmed to an exact fit. As experts in cut to size coloured coir matting we will cut to size for you, simply enter the size you need and we will do the rest. We just charge for what you have rather than to the nearest metre so you won't pay for waste matting that you don't need.

Here at Coir Mats, we are proud to offer a range of quality coir mats, with a number of colours to choose from. Our coloured coir mat selection includes vibrant reds, classic browns, and sleek blacks, all underpinned by a tough PVC backing to ensure you can receive an entrance mat that both suits the colours of your entrance and will remain durable and long-lasting. If you require a specific size, our coir mats can be cut to your precise measurements, and are designed to fit comfortably into mat wells, providing a seamless integration with your entrance area. Whether you need something to spruce up your home décor or maybe something to greet your business clients, our range is sure to meet your requirements.

Check out our choice of coloured coir mats below to find the perfect door mat for your entrance.

10 Items

  1. Grey Coir Matting - Cut to Size

    Grey Coir Matting - Cut to Size

    From £23.50
  2. Black Coir Matting - Cut to Size - Premium Grade

    Black Coir Matting - Cut to Size

    From £23.50
  3. Dark Brown Coir Matting

    Dark Brown Coir Matting - Cut to Size

    From £23.50
  4. Green Coir Matting

    Green Coir Matting - Cut to Size

    From £23.50
  5. Orange Coir

    Orange Coir Matting - Cut to Size

    From £23.50
  6. Red Coir Matting

    Bright Red Coir Matting - Cut to Size

    From £23.50
  7. Dark Red Coir

    Dark Red Coir Matting - Cut to Size

    From £23.50
  8. Blue Coir Matting - Cut to Size

    Blue Coir Matting - Cut to Size

    From £23.50
  9. Grey Coloured Coir Matting - 23mm thick - Cut to Size

    Grey Coir Matting - Cut to Size - 23mm Thick

    From £29.00
  10. Black Coir Matting

    Black Coir Matting - Cut to Size - 23mm Thick

    From £29.00
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Customise Your Space with Colourful Coir Matting

Explore our range of Coloured Coir Doormats to enhance your entryway practically and stylishly. Made from natural coconut fibres, our mats are durable, eco-friendly, and available in a variety of colours. Whether you prefer the classic look of Grey or the boldness of Bright Red, we have the right shade to match your home's decor.

Cut to Precision: Our Expert Service

Say goodbye to generic sizes with our expert precision-cut service, where your mat is tailored to the exact dimensions of your space. Our standard coconut fibre mat backing is PVC for enhanced durability and our expert team cut and measure mats to ensure a seamless fit into your mat well.

Enhance Your Purchase

Consider pairing your coir matting with our Coir Mat Cleaning Brush, available for just £5.00. This essential accessory helps keep your mat looking pristine, ensuring it continues to welcome guests with style. It's a small addition that can make a big difference in maintaining the beauty and longevity of your new mat.

Find Your Perfect Match

Our diverse range of thickness options caters to every requirement. Coloured coir matting comes in 17mm or 23mm depending on the shade. For deeper wells, consider adding a piece of plywood beneath to achieve a flush finish, with the top of the bristles lying neatly in line with the floor surface. Alternatively, our 10 and 12mm Ultra Thin Synthetic Coir Matting is perfect for shallower spaces, providing the same high-quality appearance and functionality without the bulk. It is also a great non shedding alternative if you desire a mat that will not shed fibres at all. Each mat, whether featuring synthetic coir alternative or classic coconut matting, is designed to offer the best durability and style.

Why Choose Coir Mats?

With our 30+ years of providing high-quality coir to our customers, we are proud to have built our name as a leader in the coir matting industry. We're trusted by companies both big and small all across the UK, and are recognised as one of the country's most reliable and knowledgeable companies when it comes to coir mats. Whether you're in search of personalised, printed, hand-stitched, cut-to-size, or coloured coir mats, we're sure to have what you require. Our business also caters to both domestic and commercial settings, ensuring there's something for every need. For expert guidance on your next coir mat purchase, contact our experts today!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's answer some of your common queries about our coloured coir matting.

What Makes Your Coloured Coir Doormats Different From Others?

Our coloured coir doormats stand out as entrance mats because they are crafted from premium natural coconut fibres, offering an eco-friendly, durable solution beyond what standard stock mat surface suppliers provide. Each mat is backed with PVC for enhanced durability, ensuring it is perfect for a variety of uses. We pride ourselves on delivering customised options, cutting each mat to precisely fit your mat wells and enhancing both the look and function of your entrance.

Do You Offer Free Delivery?

At Coir Mats, we offer free delivery to UK mainland addresses when a minimum order value of £75 is spent, and a £4.95 delivery charge for orders below this amount. For the UK Highlands, Islands and Northern Ireland, there is a £15 charge per order. Learn more on our delivery fees here.

Are PVC-Backed Coir Mats Better?

PVC-backed coir mats offer several benefits, including increased durability and ease of trimming to fit. The PVC backing helps the mat retain its shape over time, even in high-traffic areas. It's an excellent choice if you're looking for a mat that combines the natural appeal of coir with enhanced functionality.

How Do I Maintain My Coir Doormat?

Keeping your coir doormat in top condition is straightforward and key to ensuring its long life. To maintain the aesthetic appeal of your coconut matting, regularly remove dried dirt from the mat surface. For more stubborn debris, a stiff brush is your go-to tool, such as our heavy duty brush range. If your mat features PVC backing, it's important to avoid soaking it to prevent any potential damage to the backing which could cause it to shed fibres.

Can I Use These Mats Outdoors?

Coir matting is a natural rustic product; great for scraping dirt. Its absorbency is its strength, but its also a reason why it should not be used outdoors in an unsheltered location as it will become waterlogged. When you buy coir matting from us, you're getting a natural product that's built to be both durable and versatile, perfect for enhancing both indoor and well-sheltered outdoor spaces. Thanks to the natural coconut fibres, our coloured coir doormats are moisture-resistant and robust, but we recommend them for indoor use only. For outdoor areas, our outdoor synthetic scraper doormat is an excellent choice, offering additional moisture resistance to protect your entrance, no matter the weather. This makes it an ideal solution for keeping outdoor mat wells dry and welcoming.